[RndTbl] MWLucas & "git commit murder"

Adam Thompson athompso at athompso.net
Wed Apr 12 10:49:45 CDT 2017

"If Agatha Christie ran Unix cons"...

Many of you already know Michael W. Lucas as the author of such 
excellent tomes as PAM Mastery, Networking for Systems Administrators, 
SSH Mastery, Cisco Routers for the Desperate, Absolute FreeBSD and, of 
course, Absolute OpenBSD.

You may not have been aware, however, that MWL also publishes fiction, 
some of which is tech-related, including his latest: "git commit 

If you've ever been to a UNIX conference, the setting of the book will 
feel quite familiar; on the other hand, if you've never been, the book 
is actually a decent introduction to what attending BSDCan is like (just 
to pick a *completely random* typical conference, sure).  Well, minus 
the actual murders, of course.  (*fingers crossed*)

In either case, it's a funny murder mystery set in the UNIX world.

MWL's fiction is broadly available as eBook from Amazon, Kobo, Nook, 
iBooks, and as dead tree from at least some of those.  (See 
http://mwl.io/ for the full list.)

In other news, as usual, I'll take orders for Michael's books - if you 
want me to pick up a (typically signed) copy of something at BSDCan in 
June, let me know and I'll bring it back for you.  (If it's something 
unusual, let me know well ahead of time so I can ask him to bring a 


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