[RndTbl] Raspberry Pi for network storage?

John Lange john at johnlange.ca
Tue Apr 25 09:13:53 CDT 2017

I want to get a _very_ light weight "computer" to act as a controller for
some local storage. Basically a DIY Network Attached Storage that burns
very little power.

It's primary purpose in life would be to save video from a security camera.

Is Raspberry Pi still a good option, or has there been other competitors in
this space that might be a better choice?

I'm also thinking just a cheap tablet might be a good choice? Best Buy has
an Android based tablet for $60 and there are Windows based ones for less
than $100. They are designed for very low power with the bonus of a screen,
but it probably won't make a good file share.

Opinions welcome.

John Lange
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