[RndTbl] Small switch recommendation.

Sean Cody sean at tinfoilhat.ca
Thu Jun 1 12:05:46 CDT 2017

Can anyone recommend a small switch (say 8 ports, reasonably priced) 
with the following properties:
     - Gigabit
     - Port Mirroring (at least 3 sets of 2 port mirrors)
     - SNMP (for bandwidth monitoring)
     - Management (SSH or Web is fine especially if SNMP is available as 
     - Native IPv6 (nice to have, since my env is fully dual-stack)

Was looking at the netgear 8 port thingies but I don't think they 
support SNMP and I'm too lazy to manually check usage with a web-ui.  
I've also experienced some issues with older netgear switches (purple 
ones) where MAC address per-port assignment was horribly broken (same 
MAC applied to all ports in MGMT & SNMP interfaces).

Originally looking at the Ubiquiti switches to replace a 24 port 
unmanaged switch but realized I could just deploy this tactically with a 
smaller separate switch instead.

The use is to be able to monitor usage as well as being able to tap 
specific points without futzing with cabling.

I may end up just going fully managed (for device location hunting) but 
could use some product suggestions from the above described scenario.


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