[RndTbl] Small switch recommendation.

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Fri Jun 2 01:41:50 CDT 2017

On 2017-06-01 Sean Cody wrote:
> Can anyone recommend a small switch (say 8 ports, reasonably priced) 
> with the following properties:
>      - Gigabit
>      - Port Mirroring (at least 3 sets of 2 port mirrors)
>      - SNMP (for bandwidth monitoring)
>      - Management (SSH or Web is fine especially if SNMP is available
> as well).
>      - Native IPv6 (nice to have, since my env is fully dual-stack)

Starting from least feature-packed to most (all have Gb + web mgmt at

gives you Gb, port-mirror (probably 1-1 or n-1)
TP-Link TL-SG108E ~$50-$65

above, plus adds SNMP, mirror is n-1 only:
Netgear GS108T-200NAS ~$90-$110

above, plus adds IPv6, mirror is still only 1-1/n-1
DLink DGS-1210-10P ~$120-150

above, plus *might* add multi-set mirroring: "Port mirroring provides
the capability of mirroring four source ports to improve network traffic
monitoring and troubleshooting", but this quote was from a 3rd party
site, and the vendor site doesn't specify
Dell 2808 ~$170-220

*maybe* gives you multi-set mirroring?
TP-Link TL-SG3210 $200-$210
(see interface, might allow setting per "mirroring" port?)

I think this can do 4-set mirroring!
Engenius EGS5212FP $300-$400

So there's the cheapest that does all you want, and it's not cheap!
Interesting that that's the first one with a CLI interface.

If you want one, they are in distie stock and I can drop-ship to your
location cheaper than the prices I just checked at the big e-guys.
Email me off-list.

> ones) where MAC address per-port assignment was horribly broken (same 
> MAC applied to all ports in MGMT & SNMP interfaces).

Sounds like a one-off problem, doubt that's the case on all their
switch lines.

> I may end up just going fully managed (for device location hunting)
> but could use some product suggestions from the above described
> scenario.

Looks like only fully-managed (CLI) switches can do the advanced stuff
you need.  Funny that the stumbling block is the mirror thing.

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