[RndTbl] Small switch recommendation.

Adam Thompson athompso at athompso.net
Fri Jun 2 10:33:40 CDT 2017

On 2017-06-02 07:30, Sean Cody wrote:
> On the particular switch line I was working with you couldn't find
> what MACs were behind specific ports as the switch didn't record them
> and instead in the SAME MIB field recorded just the MAC of the switch
> management interface.  Made finding devices difficult as I could trace
> it down to a trunk (via core or distribution) but not past it at
> access.  Super frustrating.

Oh!  Yeah, that's a bug.  Or at least a really shitty mis-feature.  Most 
likely the specs for the switch carefully don't claim that it supports 
BRIDGE-MIB but some twit decided to provide a stub response instead of 
"noSuchName" in the error status.


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