[RndTbl] laptop HD's

Dan Keizer dan at keizer.ca
Fri Jun 9 19:43:24 CDT 2017

OK, so first off, thanks for all your guys feedback on my prior posting
about a young guy's interest in a computer gaming system.  I passed along
the info - not sure where/how far it went ... good info anyways.

on another front, the laptops i've purchased for myself/house I've replaced
the spinning metal with SSD's.  I've then given some of these spinning
metals away.
Now, there's an interest to get a couple/few spinning metal drives to put
into laptops for casual use for some other peoples ...
Does anyone have any source for older laptop hd's ... even as small as 20gb
or so would be fine (they are probably hard to find too) ... there's a
couple i'm looking for in the next while ...

Thanks.  Dan.
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