[RndTbl] Fwd: O'Reilly online shop no longer selling individual books and videos

Hartmut W Sager hwsager at marityme.net
Wed Jun 28 19:22:21 CDT 2017

Huh???  I am stunned!  And, it's "as of today".  No prior notice?  What
happened there so suddenly?

I am also somewhat confused by the alternative ways of buying O'Reilly
books.  I don't know what this Safari thing is all about for buying books -
I thought Safari is an alternate browser.

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Date: 28 June 2017 at 17:57
Subject: Changes to the O'Reilly shop
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[image: And important things about your O'Reilly account]
Hartmut W,
Things are changing at the O'Reilly online shop—as of today, we are no
longer selling individual books and videos via shop.oreilly.com
Of course, we'll continue to publish books and videos on the topics you
need to know, like data science, product management, and leadership—and
you'll still be able to buy them at Amazon and other retailers. And these
important things about your O'Reilly account are staying exactly the same:

   - You'll still have access to every ebook and video listed in "Your
   Products" on your O'Reilly account page.
   - We'll alert you when those products are updated, and you can download
   the revised version from the "Your Products" page.
   - You can still send the O'Reilly ebooks you've purchased to Dropbox
   and/or Google Drive.

Of course, *every O'Reilly book and video (including O'Reilly conference
sessions) is available instantly on Safari*, plus:
"Safari turbo-charged my learning. Instead of limiting myself to a few good
books a year, I now have access to a dream library." – Arthur Burkhardt,
Digital Analytics Consultant, Accenture

   - *thousands more* from other great publishers like Packt, Pearson, and
   - *early access* to upcoming O'Reilly books
   - *training* in TensorFlow, Python, JavaScript, and more—delivered live,
   online, by real experts in real time, and only available on Safari
   - *on-demand Learning Paths* on data science, people management, design
   thinking, etc.

"Safari turbo-charged my learning. Instead of limiting myself to a few good
books a year, I now have access to a dream library." – Arthur Burkhardt,
Digital Analytics Consultant, Accenture
If you like Spotify and Netflix, you'll love Safari (1.8 million people
already do)! And for the cost of seven books a year, you'll have access to
the *entire* O'Reilly catalog. *Sign up for an annual membership today—for
one week only, we'll throw in a $100 Amazon gift card* to spend on whatever
you want. And Safari membership has a 14-day money-back guarantee, so what
do you have to lose?
O'Reilly reserves the right to cancel fulfillment of this promotion in the
event of a participant's apparent fraud, violation of law, or cancellation
of membership. Void where prohibited. Gift card will be issued via email
after 30 days' continuous membership. This offer is not transferable and
does not apply to current Safari members, multi-user, or enterprise
accounts. Offer applies to annual memberships for individual subscribers
only. Offer expires July 6, 2017.

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