[RndTbl] GnuCash crash on secret payload in XML file

Hartmut W Sager hwsager at marityme.net
Mon Mar 13 03:04:57 CDT 2017

OK, it's late at night, and I did something that Trevor likes doing.  :)  I
went looking for trouble.  But hey, I had a good reason, and had been
planning this experiment for weeks already.

My current accounting is still my own FoxPro concoction (started in 1992
and updated a few hundred times), and for the last few years I knew I would
have to move it.  Besides export/import issues, I have several extra fields
of information that I need to preserve (even if not accessible outside of
raw XML editing), so I edited a good GnuCash native XML file by adding a
secret payload in one existing transaction with
<mynewtag>mypayload</mynewtag>, at the same level as the other fields of
that transaction.  I was hoping it would be ignored on load, and restored
on save.

The result:  GnuCrash crashed totally while opening the edited XML file!
Yeah, just crashed with a crash message and self-quit after that.  Is
GnuCash that unstable???

BTW, a simple raw XML edit of an existing text field of a transaction works
fine, and is then shown in GnuCash when the file is opened.

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