[RndTbl] GnuCash crash on secret payload in XML file

Hartmut W Sager hwsager at marityme.net
Tue Mar 14 07:06:29 CDT 2017

> That's what I did... roll my own.  We're a lot alike, I guess.  There's
> nothing I hate more than spending time learning (and inputting into) new
> software only to find X number of limitations that are complete deal
> breakers.  I just write my own most of the time, after a quick perusal
> of the options.

Yes, it looks like we're a lot alike on this.  And since I too hate that
wasted time of learning and starting to use software that ultimately has
dealbreakers, I do all the research and experiments required beforehand,
like I'm doing with GnuCash right now.

> Ties into my QB I use for my business too (forced to use "real"
> software for the business side for various reasons).

I have worked a lot with QuickBooks for some clients many years ago, but I
refuse to use it for myself due to data entrapment.  You can't
properly/cleanly export your data from the desktop version, and you can't
get your data AT ALL from the online version (Intuit confirmed this to me
when I inquired).

> Hey, at least you're not in Brad's boat with MS Money, which they
> officially completely ditched a few years back.

Ouch (poor Brad)!  Then again, Money wasn't proper double-entry accounting
in the first place.  It was Microsoft's answer to Quicken.

> Funny that, foxpro outlived Money.

Yes, quite the irony!

> If you write your own, they can never pull support on you!!  :-)

Yes, I have often made that point to others.  Of course, you have to write
in a language that will survive (like C/C++), but even if your chosen
language dies, you can rewrite your own code into another language and
still use the same data files or repository.

> DIY-ers of the world unite!

Amen!  It's a case of retaining full control of our own stuff.

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