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John Lange john at johnlange.ca
Tue Mar 14 19:50:37 CDT 2017

Actually, to be fair, Microsoft is _very_ clear and open about product life

At the link I provided you can search for any Microsoft Product. For
example, if you enter "Access", the first result is "Access 2016", which
was the last "on-prem" version. It goes off support 10/13/2020. In reality,
Access will be supported far beyond that date because it's now part of the
o365 "Pro Plus" product group which gets continual updates and releases.
This falls under the "Modern" support policy (the old policy for
subscription products is called "Fixed"). Details here:


If you want to know what's up with o365, then you go to the roadmap site:


For example, a quick search for "access" reveals that they just recently
rolled out:

"Add support for 64-bit numbers (BigInt) as a new Access/Ace DataType."


"Connect to external dBASE database, and import or link to dBASE files."

So Access is not just supported, but is still being actively developed with
new features added, not just patches.

It's a pretty safe bet that Access will be supported beyond 2025, though
not necessarily the best choice for most projects (see: SQL Express, C#,
.NET, etc.).

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