[RndTbl] Ryzen is here

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Thu Mar 23 15:41:30 CDT 2017

My suppliers just informed me the new AMD Ryzen stuff is in stock.  I'm 
doing quick glances at the choices now.  First impressions:

1. Ryzen 7-series CPUs aren't cheap!  Prices I am seeing will be just a 
bit below $500 to $700, though these may not represent all the models.  
That means cost savings over Xeon might not be substantial (or existent) 
at the low/mid-end.

2. ECC/board weirdness: I'm already confused, the high-end Asus X370 board 
doesn't support ECC but the B350 at half the price does?  That doesn't 
instill confidence.

I'm doing more research and when I get some final comparisons down I'll 
post them here.  Sadly, it looks like any way I do an upgrade it won't be 
cheap.  Anyone else doing the same research (esp with regards to ECC) post 
your findings here!

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