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Hartmut W Sager hwsager at marityme.net
Thu May 11 13:37:12 CDT 2017

>> - the PSU can probably be whatever generic crap NewEgg sells this
>> week without making much difference
> Ha!  See my other post.  The PS boils down to "I want the gamut
> between weird hard-to-pin-down problems through to no-POST and actual
> fires with my system sooner rather than later" vs "I want to never have
> problems". Been selling hardware / custom systems since 1997 and
> learned my PS lessons the hard way... YMMV of course.  Funny, the #1
> hardest thing to research and source are good PS's.

As an ex-hardware seller myself (who should have always stayed in software
development and consulting instead), I have to resoundingly agree with
Trevor's comments on the importance of a quality power supply, where
quality means clean, reliable, long-term output, not watts.

As for fires and explosions (big capacitors make spectacular noise and
white smoke), yes, those events are for real - both I and some customers
long ago experienced those, and one cat almost got a heart attack.

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