[RndTbl] lisa (muug.mb.ca) is down - change your bookmarks/contacts!

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Tue Sep 5 17:46:14 CDT 2017

For everyone's information, our old server (still used for a couple of 
things) went down over the weekend.  It has (shock, horror) bad 

This is a reminder to make sure all of your MUUG web and email bookmarks 
have been changed to use the new server muug.ca, not the old muug.mb.ca.  
In particular, if you have email contacts/nicknames to write to the muug 
mailing lists, make sure they are set to the new (muug.ca) domain.

We are working to make it so the old domain will still function, but it 
may not take effect for a day or two.  In any event, one day we will 
decomission the old domain completely, so you might as well make your 
changes now.

Thanks!  And, as always, if you find something doesn't work as it should, 
email board at muug.ca

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