[RndTbl] recommendations for 4k video card under Linux

Kevin McGregor kevin.a.mcgregor at gmail.com
Fri Apr 6 13:27:39 CDT 2018

Forgive my ignorance, but don't all current cards support 4K? And the
NVidia drivers would support that under Linux (<- assumption). For example,
this card ($220 at ME) claims to support four 4K monitors (DP, HDMI, DVI-D):

Have you had trouble in the past, or is this just due diligence?

On Fri, Apr 6, 2018 at 12:52 PM, Gilles Detillieux <
grdetil at scrc.umanitoba.ca> wrote:

> Hi. Does anyone on the list have experience and recommendations on how to
> support a 4k monitor under Linux? We want to use a single Dell 27" 4k
> monitor (P2715Q) with a CentOS 7 system. What would be a good choice for
> a PCIe x16 video card, preferably with DisplayPort output, that can support
> 4k at 60 Hz and has good driver support under X.org - hopefully without
> having to resort to 3rd party pre-compiled, version-specific binary kernel
> modules? If we can keep the price for the card below $200-$300 that would
> be great.
> Unfortunately my Google searches this morning for this have had a pretty
> low signal to noise ratio. Mostly people having problems with nVidia
> drivers.
> Possibly relevant h/w info: ASUS M5A78L-Mlx+ motherboard and AMD FX-6350
> CPU. Power supply has a spare 6-pin (3x2) PCI-E power connector for cards
> that require a dedicated power connection.
> Thanks for any advice.
> Gilles
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