[RndTbl] Horrific CPU flaws (Meltdown / Spectre)

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Thu Jan 4 17:00:31 CST 2018

FYI, Fedora has just released the latest kernel that has initial
mitigation for Meltdown.  I'm sure other distros are doing likewise.
It'll be interesting to see the performance hits we all take on this.
Of course you'll have to reboot for the update to take effect.  I
suspect we'll see rapidfire releases of kernels for the next few

P.S. Alan Cox has stated that the Spectre-type flaw (I think) could be
triggered with a JS attack, causing the browser to leak sensitive data
outside the sandbox to malicious JS / websites.  Proving once again we
all need NoScript or equivalent.

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