[RndTbl] RAID 0

Robert Dyck rbdyck2 at shaw.ca
Sat May 26 15:59:51 CDT 2018

How do I tell if/how a pair of drives were configured for RAID? This is a
customer's computer, used for a small business. A drive is failing. When I
opened it, I found 2 identical drives. The customer didn't know she had 2
drives. In BIOS, the drives are configured for RAID. However, this computer
uses Intel Matrix Storage Manager. Not sure of the version, not sure which
version of Windows. This model of computer originally shipped with Windows
7. I identified which hard drive was failing, completely disconnected it.
Currently running a hard drive diagnostic on the other: it passed the short
test, currently running the long test with no errors. Before disconnecting
the failing hard drive, I thought I could go into a BIOS utility to check
RAID configuration, but there wasn't anything. It just started Windows. I
believe I saw a Windows 10 logo before I pulled the power. Intel software
used by this HP computer is configured within Windows. I don't want to do
that, I don't want to stress the failing hard drive. I think everyone on
this list knows about failing drives. If this is RAID 0, then I have an easy
shortcut: just replace the failing drive, and rebuild the mirror-set. So how
do I determine that without starting Windows?

Rob Dyck

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