[RndTbl] RAID 0

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Mon May 28 01:09:45 CDT 2018

On 2018-05-26 Robert Dyck wrote:
> didn't know she had 2 drives. In BIOS, the drives are configured for
> RAID. However, this computer uses Intel Matrix Storage Manager. Not

If BIOS set to RAID (Intel Matrix) then you definitely can get in to
the RAID BIOS after the main BIOS does its thing, usually with ^I.
Just try tapping ^I a ton when any BIOS starts showing on the screen.
You can also try to set the BIOS-display delays longer in the main BIOS.

Also, check boot order and see if Intel RAID is set as the 1st boot
option.  If it is then for sure you have yourself a Intel RAID 1 there.

> I don't want to do that, I don't want to stress the failing hard
> drive. I think everyone on this list knows about failing drives. If

If you have no reason to suspect the working drive, and it passes diags
then I wouldn't worry too much, just put a replacement drive in and let
it rebuild.  If you're really concerned, do a dd image of the drive
using a linux boot CD or stick, preferably on a test bench system
without Matrix RAID (or with it off).  But that is more complicated
than just letting Matrix do its thing.

> failing drive, and rebuild the mirror-set. So how do I determine that
> without starting Windows?

Booting with linux CD/stick will also show you if it's Matrix as it'll
build a dm-raid for it probably.  In fact, if you want to image the
drive, best to stop whatever RAID linux sets up for it (mdadm --stop)
before dd'ing the drive.

Again, all that is riskier IMHO than just replacing the drive, ^I'ing
and telling Matrix to rebuild and just rebooting into Windows (it'll be
dog slow, so be patient).

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