[RndTbl] Job opportunity on my team.

Sean Cody sean at tinfoilhat.ca
Tue Nov 13 09:45:34 CST 2018

Hey there, we're looking to find more folks for our team.

Specifically security focused 'infrastructure specialists' to build and 
deploy security services at 'enterprise' scale.
We are growing the practice as well as tackling some very unique 
challenges so this is a great time to try something different or suffer 
my presence on a more frequent basis.

This kind of thing doesn't come up often and we'd very much like to get 
the word out there for local folks (security talent isn't just limited 
to Toronto and Vancouver).

As a technical lead in this role, I'd be happy to field any questions 
and if you'd like to hear more about the role please get in touch.



Please forward this along to anyone you think would be interested, 
despite my graylisting (consider it a test) I definitely would like to 
hear from you!

P.S. X-Posting to Skullspace as well...

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