[RndTbl] Ryzen with Linux

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Wed Jan 23 03:51:17 CST 2019

On 2019-01-22 Bill Reid wrote:
> No, my bug did not seem to be that problem. It would not freeze but
> just reboot. Oddly it got worst as time when on. Initial I could boot
> into Ubuntu, then only to grub, then eventually it would reboot as
> grub was loading.

That's a weird, and rather scary, CPU failure you had.

If you never saw the "idle freeze" bug with your setup, that's very
interesting.  I wonder what makes some systems susceptible.

Can you post your hardware specs (each component P/N, etc)?  And can
you check the +12V amp min rating of your PS?  Apparently having a PS
that says 0A at +12V can help alleviate this bug somewhat, though many
people with that are still seeing the bug.

Strange but I've yet to see someone complain of the bug on the Ryzen
3.  It's always 5 or 7, but it could be that most linux-ers are more
likely to go for the better chips.  So I'm curious what you'll see once
you get a working 2400 chip back in there.

Also, can you d/l and run:

zenstates.py -l

and post the 2 C6 lines:
C6 State - Package - Disabled
C6 State - Core - Enabled

I'm curious to see if something in your setup is already setting things
as shown above.  That's what our "fixed" working setup is showing.
Normally both would be Enabled with a default "broken" setup.

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