[RndTbl] MUUG Meeting, Tonight (Mar 10), 7:30pm -- FreeSWITCH Asterisk Clone

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Tue Mar 10 15:15:46 CDT 2020

Regarding good science on keeping ourselves safe, individual action is 
very important, except we can accomplish much more and this with less 
effort through collective action as borne out by a super CBC Q&Q program 
20200228 providing some honest-to-goodness good science.  For details 
please see "We may have passed the tipping point in the COVID-19 
coronavirus outbreak" @ the following which includes a link to the 15 
minute program segment.

 From other news Canada is one of very few countries that is using early 
detection standards with almost zero human to human transmission while 
countries such as   Italy and Iran have already experiencied explosive 
transmission trends and the US is close behind all because they only 
test once the patients are gravely ill and by that time containment is 
nearly impossible.  California, Washington and New York are at the cusp 
of widespread transmission vectors.

  In short because of our proximity and interexchange with the US, BC 
foremost followed by Ontario East are at greatest risk of being the 
early adopters of this outbreak.

BTW sneezing/coughing into your elbow is actually very poor science as 
explained by Q & Q.  If you cough into your hand, best with a tissue and 
then wash immediately, this is much better science than coughing into 
your elbow when the virus can survive for over a week and each time you 
cross your arms you reinfected your hand...


On 2020-03-10 12:07, Gilbert E. Detillieux wrote:
> An update on tonight's meeting, which will take place as scheduled:
>    Health Concerns
>    In light of the current concerns over COVID-19 and the risk of
>    infection, we ask that if you are currently experiencing any
>    of the symptoms* (fever, cough, difficulty breathing, etc.),
>    please stay home. All those attending should follow recommended
>    guidelines** for hand hygiene and coughing/sneezing etiquette.
> *
> https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/diseases/2019-novel-coronavirus-infection/symptoms.html
> **
> https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/diseases/2019-novel-coronavirus-infection/being-prepared.html
> The Manitoba UNIX User Group (MUUG) will be holding its next monthly
> meeting on Tuesday, March 10.  The meeting topic for this month is as 
> follows:
>    FreeSWITCH Asterisk Clone
>    Troy Denton will present FreeSWITCH, "a Software-Defined
>    Telecom Stack enabling the digital transformation from proprietary
>    telecom switches to a versatile software implementation that runs
>    on any commodity hardware. From a Raspberry PI to a multi-core
>    server, FreeSWITCH can unlock the telecommunications potential of
>    any device. Combined with our hosted cloud platform, SignalWire,
>    FreeSWITCH can interconnect with the outside world and scale to
>    any size."
> The group holds its meetings at 7:30pm on the second Tuesday of every
> month from September to June.  (There are no meetings in July and
> August.) Meetings are open to the general public; you don't have to be
> a MUUG member to attend.
>    *******************************************************************
>    Please note our meeting location for this month: *Room 1M28*
>    Manitoba Hall, University of Winnipeg, entrance on Ellice Ave.
>    between Spence and Balmoral St.
>    Parking is available on the surrounding streets and in the lots
>    on nearby streets.  Look for signage once you're at the building,
>    or ask a security guard.
>    *******************************************************************
> For more information about MUUG, and its monthly meetings, check out
> their web server:
> 	https://muug.ca/
> Help us promote this month's meeting, by putting this poster up on your
> workplace bulletin board or other suitable public message board:
> 	https://muug.ca/meetings/MUUGmeeting.pdf

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