[RndTbl] Opinions on Fedora Server

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Tue Mar 24 23:25:50 CDT 2020

On 2020-03-24 Alberto Abrao wrote:
> Does anyone have experience with Fedora Server on a (semi) production 
> setting? If yes, care to share your opinions? Thank you!

I've used Fedora in a server setting on dozens of computers since
Fedora 1.  I still use it exclusively (well, except 1 box I'm forced to
use RHEL on).  All production settings!

- Always near the latest kernel for all the latest h/w support and bug
  fixes and new features; Linus uses it for this reason
- Bleeding edge of nearly everything, never sitting there wishing for
  the newest features in this or that or compiling things yourself or
  having to fudge new-on-old with containers, etc
- Very professional distro: Fedora today is RHEL in 2-4 years
- Upgrading to next Fedora version is easy and very reliable, many of
  my boxes are upgrades from 1 to 2 to 3 to ... 30.  Yes, really: Same
  installs going for 16+ years.

- Must upgrade every 12ish months (if you skip a release) to keep
  getting updates
- You'll see the bugs first before the other distros do; mitigate
  slightly by staying on the next-to-latest Fedora

There will be a lot of Sayers of Nay, but don't listen to them if you
have the smarts and fortitude to live a bit more on the edge.  You also
get to be a bigger part of the development, guidance and bug-fixing
process by using Fedora.  Also, there's always CentOS if you want the
RHEL world without the for-pay aspect, or if one box needs to be a
little less edgy.  And RHEL if your box is being used for a
money-no-object purpose.  And if you know one of those 3 distros, you
know them all.

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