[RndTbl] Opinions on Fedora Server

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Wed Mar 25 01:12:11 CDT 2020

On 2020-03-25 Alberto Abrao wrote:
> Moved to Debian on Jan/2020 soon after I moved to Winnipeg, and it's 
> running great. That's when I decided to try Debian on everything - 
> including workstations. But something about Debian irks me. Maybe the 
> package management system? I don't know for sure.

Join the club!  Debian is a weird beast.  Things are all in the wrong
places, and apt is bizarre.  (But that's because I'm a RH guy since
1999, so RH stuff is all second nature.  "YMMV".)

> So today I was moving my laptop back to Fedora and I realized... why
> not run that on a server just for fun? Going by what you are telling
> me, well, I have no issues with troubleshooting the odd thing at
> random times, I find it fun to be honest. So I might as well run it.
> Keeps me sharp.

Yes, from all you said Fedora will do just fine for your internal
server.  If it fields no external requests (isn't your router, not an
MTA, web server, etc; and no net client s/w like web browser, MUA) then
you even mitigate one of the cons -- the must-update-every-year thing --
because if hackers can't easily reach the box you don't have to be as
strict about rapid upgrades... you can probably let it slip an extra
release version.

> Once again, thanks for your input!

No problem.  I'm sure others will be able to provide opinions as well.

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