[RndTbl] Gmail spam filtering super-aggressive lately

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Wed Mar 25 02:58:01 CDT 2020

On 2020-03-25 Hartmut W Sager wrote:
> I don't like feeding borgs either, but Gmail has two things I would
> miss: 1.  Labels, which are superior to (and a true superset of)
> folders.  I have made extensive use of multi-categorizing many of my
> e-mails into multiple labels.  (No, copies into additional folders
> don't cut it.)  I really wish that a newer IMAP standard would come
> out to fully accommodate labels, and that labels would get broad
> adoption in the e-mail world.

Yes, that would be a useful feature!  The IMAP standard is remarkably
stagnant.  I wonder if it's not on purpose by the "big guys" :-)

I would also like to see a way for IMAP to handle a post-processor
adding headers to an email already in the local IMAP data store.  Heck,
I could probably use labels for the same purpose, as it amounts to the
same thing: adding data/metadata after the fact.

I'll implement it if someone can get the RFC red-tape stuff done! :-)

> 2.  Easy e-mail sync across my devices
> - laptop/desktop, Android phone/tablet, etc.

IMAP already has that.  It just works.  Not sure why it wasn't working
for you?

> Gmail advantages, knowing that if I ever change my mind, I can go
> elsewhere with the @mydomain addresses without updating anyone in the
> world.

Yes, that is key... as the want-to-hack-shaw-email plea for help
demonstrates.  Always have your own domain!

My main beef with gmail, besides the privacy issue, is the fact that
the bigger these guys get, the more they dictate life for everyone,
reducing the entire internet's freedom.  There are 2-3 big companies
that are basically taking over behind the scenes restricting freedom
and completely undoing the spirit the 'net was created on: it used to
be much more a peer thing rather and a giant-dominated thing.  In my
perfect world every endpoint/user would have their own web server and
MTA, etc.

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