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these were in my spam box

On Wed, Mar 25, 2020 at 12:45 AM Alberto Abrao <alberto at abrao.net> wrote:

> Thanks for your input Trevor.
> A little of background:
> I am a big Fedora fan for my desktop machines.
> My use case is a server for my things+wife's and family's small business
> back home. It's Nextcloud and, after the latest redeployment, e-mail. It
> runs right here at my house, and is nothing more than consumer hardware
> on a regular case.
> It started with CentOS 7 from May/2018 up to Jan/2020, and, along with
> Nextcloud and sans e-mail, it had extra duties such as being an router
> and Samba server for my internal network. Other than a few updates
> coughing up a hairball because of the extra repos I added for Nextcloud,
> it didn't give me a lot of trouble. For the few times it did, a few
> minutes of searching and/or raw bravery were enough to get it back up. I
> even switched it from one machine to another out of boredom... a few
> times. In retrospect, I was kind of trying to break it, but never
> managed to. It was never down for more than a few minutes other than
> regular hardware upkeep and, of course, moving it to different hardware.
> Manitoba Hydro, however, did fry its PSU at one point, and that was its
> longest downtime because I was 300kms away, so kudos to them! =D
> At that point, I was playing - and learning - a lot on it, the whole
> thing was rough around the edges. Not to mention that I was finally able
> to have my local network duties on another piece of equipment. It was
> time for a refresh.
> Moved to Debian on Jan/2020 soon after I moved to Winnipeg, and it's
> running great. That's when I decided to try Debian on everything -
> including workstations. But something about Debian irks me. Maybe the
> package management system? I don't know for sure.
> So today I was moving my laptop back to Fedora and I realized... why not
> run that on a server just for fun? Going by what you are telling me,
> well, I have no issues with troubleshooting the odd thing at random
> times, I find it fun to be honest. So I might as well run it. Keeps me
> sharp.
> Once again, thanks for your input!
> Alberto Abrao
> 204-202-1778
> 204-558-6886
> On 2020-03-24 11:25 p.m., Trevor Cordes wrote:
> > On 2020-03-24 Alberto Abrao wrote:
> >> Does anyone have experience with Fedora Server on a (semi) production
> >> setting? If yes, care to share your opinions? Thank you!
> > I've used Fedora in a server setting on dozens of computers since
> > Fedora 1.  I still use it exclusively (well, except 1 box I'm forced to
> > use RHEL on).  All production settings!
> >
> > Pros:
> > - Always near the latest kernel for all the latest h/w support and bug
> >    fixes and new features; Linus uses it for this reason
> > - Bleeding edge of nearly everything, never sitting there wishing for
> >    the newest features in this or that or compiling things yourself or
> >    having to fudge new-on-old with containers, etc
> > - Very professional distro: Fedora today is RHEL in 2-4 years
> > - Upgrading to next Fedora version is easy and very reliable, many of
> >    my boxes are upgrades from 1 to 2 to 3 to ... 30.  Yes, really: Same
> >    installs going for 16+ years.
> >
> > Cons:
> > - Must upgrade every 12ish months (if you skip a release) to keep
> >    getting updates
> > - You'll see the bugs first before the other distros do; mitigate
> >    slightly by staying on the next-to-latest Fedora
> >
> >
> > There will be a lot of Sayers of Nay, but don't listen to them if you
> > have the smarts and fortitude to live a bit more on the edge.  You also
> > get to be a bigger part of the development, guidance and bug-fixing
> > process by using Fedora.  Also, there's always CentOS if you want the
> > RHEL world without the for-pay aspect, or if one box needs to be a
> > little less edgy.  And RHEL if your box is being used for a
> > money-no-object purpose.  And if you know one of those 3 distros, you
> > know them all.
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