[RndTbl] Main firewall / router for public facing subnet

Alberto Abrao alberto at abrao.net
Mon Mar 30 16:29:18 CDT 2020

Hi folks, hope everybody is safe and sound.

This may be a basic question for most of you, but at any rate, I would 
rather ask here as I like the way MUUG members approach things.

I have a Shaw connection with a few Static IPs. As of now the modem is 
bridged, and each machine grabs its own IP and goes to town, be it a 
static for servers or a dynamic for my local network router. On each of 
these, I set up firewall and whatever else is needed.

I have the feeling that's redundant. That, and having a main router in 
front of them would help me set up things such as QoS and a central 

I am used to doing this for simple NAT duties, but this time I would 
have a router managing public facing IP addresses.

Any tips on what should I look for to get started?


Alberto Abrao

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