[RndTbl] Gmail spam filtering super-aggressive lately

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Tue Mar 31 01:06:13 CDT 2020

On 2020-03-31 Hartmut W Sager wrote:
> > If I tell mailman to send me a copy too,
> > then I'll always get 2 copies.  
> Except if you're using Gmail as your infrastructure (like I am).
> Gmail only posts the message once when it recognizes the unique
> Message-ID as duplicated, even if the multiple messages come into
> "To" and/or "cc" via different target e-mail addresses (which is
> often my case).
> I hate to make Gmail look good, especially when I started this "bash
> Gmail" thread, but hey, they do a few things right.  (Like labels!)

Good one Hartmut! :-)  However, the key to the dedupe is your MUA would
have to eliminate the one that addresses you personally, and keep the
one from the mailing list.  I doubt gmail is *that* smart, or
configurable (as some people would prefer to get the personal one
instead!).  I bet what gmail is doing is just throwing away the 2nd one
it sees (temporally), which in many cases (like my greylisted system)
is going to be random.

But... you did give me an idea... I could procmail something up that
will look at (hopefully id'able) mailing list emails (whether private
or mailman-sent), delay sending the first it sees (will procmail
happily let a handler script sleep?), see if there's a second, then
pick the one that is mailman-generated over the personal one (and
deliver the 1st/only one if a 2nd never comes in a reasonable amount of
time).  Voila.

Try a procmail rule with gmail!  ;-)

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