[RndTbl] Main firewall / router for public facing subnet

Alberto Abrao alberto at abrao.net
Tue Mar 31 14:10:47 CDT 2020

Personal preference. I would rather mess with a GUI after I understand 
the changes it is making under the hood. It helps me make sense of 

When it comes to GUIs, OpenBSD gets a big advantage as most GUI-based 
OSS solutions for firewalling are based on BSDs, so I assume they would 
all be similar if not equal. I expect to have to have a GUI on top of 
whatever I deal with on a setup that's not my own, as that would be more 
convenient for most people or even myself on a regular day.

Last, I assume you mean pf(4), as I can't find anything for of(4). Am I 

Thank you everyone.

On 2020-03-31 8:49 a.m., athompso at athompso.net wrote:
> Avoiding GUIs means you want to go one of two paths: OpenBSD with 
> of(4) or some very-up-to-date Linux distro like Fedora with the latest 
> nftables.  Skip everything else.
> But why do you want to avoid a GUI completely?
> -Adam

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