[RndTbl] MUUG Online Meeting, May 12, 7:30pm -- Setting up a Jitsi Server

Alberto Abrao alberto at abrao.net
Tue May 5 11:21:17 CDT 2020

Wow, that will be amazing.

A few weeks ago I set up an instance so I could talk to my family. They 
were afraid of Zoom and having all kinds of issues with Google/WhatsApp.

It worked surprisingly well. Video/audio quality was superb, and it was 
easy for them to join.

I look forward to Troy's insight!

Kind regards,

Alberto Abrao

On 2020-05-05 10:37 a.m., Gilbert E. Detillieux wrote:
> The Manitoba UNIX User Group (MUUG) will be holding its next monthly
> meeting on Tuesday, May 12th, at 7:30pm:
>    Setting up a Jitsi Server
>    In light of the current concerns over COVID-19 and the risk of
>    infection, and current directives from the University of
>    Winnipeg, the MUUG board has decided to try our first online
>    meeting at 7:30pm!
>    Troy Denton will demonstrate how you can build and deploy
>    Jitsi, a secure video conferencing solution. An added twist --
>    this exhibition potentially may be hosted on Jitsi...
>    to demonstrate Jitsi!
>    Stay tuned to muug.ca for the official URL, or watch for an
>    e-mail update, if you're on our mailing list.
> The group holds its meetings at 7:30pm on the second Tuesday of every 
> month from September to June.  (There are no meetings in July and 
> August.) Meetings are open to the general public; you don't have to be 
> a MUUG member to attend.
> For more information about MUUG, and its monthly meetings, check out 
> their web server:
>     https://muug.ca/
> Help us promote this month's meeting, by putting this poster up on your
> workplace bulletin board or other suitable public message board, or 
> linking to it on social media:
>     https://muug.ca/meetings/MUUGmeeting.pdf

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