[RndTbl] run windows tax software in Linux!

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Sun Apr 25 04:23:58 CDT 2021

Maybe not in time for many people (assuming on-time filing), but perhaps
useful for the future:

After much messing around, I got StudioTax personal tax software to run on
Linux using Wine!  Better, yet, I also got it running in Wine in firejail
to keep the Windows software jailed up unable to misbehave.

StudioTax is 100% free (as in beer, but not as in FLOSS) Canadian personal
(and sm.bus sole prop. non-T2 business) tax software (donation-ware). Brad
& I have been using them for years, ever since CoolTax stopped.  If you're
half decent at accounting and taxes, forget for-pay QuickTax/TurboTax!

It's a bit trickier than most other Windows software on Wine because it
requires .NET 4.5 and .NET needs quite a few tricks to work in Wine and
firejail (ugh).

I'm having lots of fun with wine/dosbox (and firejail!) lately and I've
*nearly* gotten to the point where I do not require a Windbloze box
anymore.  Just an ancient Quickbooks (should be easy) and EAC (maybe not
so much) to go and I may just turn my Windbloze box off for good!

-- Trevor - taking MUUGers' I-use-Windows-as-my-desktop excuses away, 1
exe at a time

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