[RndTbl] run windows tax software in Linux!

eh at eduardhiebert.com eh at eduardhiebert.com
Wed Apr 28 07:06:18 CDT 2021

Hi Trevor and fellow MUUG members,

Three notes in one:

On 25/04/2021 4:23 AM, Trevor Cordes wrote:
> After much messing around, I got StudioTax personal tax software to run 
> on
> Linux using Wine!  Better, yet, I also got it running in Wine in 
> firejail
> to keep the Windows software jailed up unable to misbehave

Regarding Studio Taxes  does anyone happen to know the over ride key 
strokes function?  It would be a real time saver or me, so  if you would 

Regarding your earlier note on the MUUG renewal.  Wow!  How quickly 2 
yrs have past since I first joined using your nifty Credit card cell 
phone reader!  Then last year with ongoing limitations at MUUG end you 
advanced a credit card alternative to paypal which I avoid like many 
MUUG members with Gates.  I'm heavy into taxes so I'll catch up with you 
in May between farming and seeding priorities.

Lastly as a bit of personal info from my last year's Christmas friend 
letter of a near death and significant concussion when at 90 K I slammed 
into a semi who cut me off crossing the passing lane in a 110K zone to 
do a left hand turn at an uncontrolled field road type intersection.  
Thank-fully with many fantasic first responders etc I'm nearly all back 
again but sure has been an eye-opener how concussion can be very similar 
metaphorically to the hidden damage of soft-tissue damage like a 
          Next, having experienced a serious motor vehicle accident last 


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