[RndTbl] BBS list - neat!

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Fri Apr 30 02:09:25 CDT 2021

Look what I stumbled on...


Cool.  A walk down memory lane.  Unfortunately this seems to be mainly
focussed on the 90's, and most of my BBSing was in the late 80's.
However, they do list a few I recognize/used:

Ursa Minor
Atari ST User Group

But they miss most of my old favorites, including the one that changed my
life forever...

And, look closely at some of the names: we find Les (of .net) and our own
Adam Thompson.

Makes me want to dig up my old Atari ST file archives and see if I still
have all my faves saved in my terminal software... but I can't seem to
find the file, so it might be on tape... and I recently discontinued my
SCSI setup.  Well, time to haul out the Adaptec 19160 and DAT :-)

Looks like if I can find the info I could submit the data!

Ah, BBSs, those were the days...

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