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If you have two interfaces where traffic must remain separated (i.e. inbound connection to IP #1 needs reply packets from #1, inbound connection to #2 needs reply packets from #2) you'll also need to look into Routing Domains or Routing Tables - can't remember offhand what Linux calls them.  On a router, we'd call this a VRF, or a Virtual Routing Instance.  Basically, you no longer have one set of routes, you have two sets.  Each interface is a "member" of one set or the other, not both.

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Thanks everyone, from all the replies it looks like I should be able to pull it off, and probably with just the one CAT6 cable to one port on the modem.  If that fails, maybe better luck using 2 CAT6 cables between modem and computer (can do another NIC, or go through a VLAN in my switch).

The real fun comes when I try to update my manual firewall rules for yet another interface, and then routing only some packets to the new interface... That is going to take some serious time.

I think I have the Hitron modem, but I'm not positive (and it's currently buried pretty well).

I'll report back if/when I make it work!  Thanks!

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