[RndTbl] Do not use BellMTS Fibre internet

Adam Thompson athompso at athompso.net
Tue Dec 7 12:06:25 CST 2021

Confirmed.  MTS blanket-blocks port 123 on *all* services, even business fiber.  (They do not block it on wholesale service, though.). And has for a very long time, even though there's no good reason to do so anymore.
Good luck with CRTC complaints - they've become as useless as the FCC, of late.

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This was discussed on this mailing list a couple of times, most recently 2019-01-27 (sorry I'm on my phone so no hyperlink). Though this is the first time I've heard MTS admit they are doing it.

The security issue was an NTP network amplification attack but I think that was solved years ago and MTS just left this in place.

The CRTC requires carriers to report any traffic shaping or blocks but last time I looked mts was still claiming on their website that they don't block anything.

You could try and report this to the CRTC but my guess is even if you got anywhere, MTS would just update the website to say they block NTP rather than fix the problem.


On Tue., Dec. 7, 2021, 11:28 a.m. Kevin McGregor, <kevin.a.mcgregor at gmail.com<mailto:kevin.a.mcgregor at gmail.com>> wrote:
I recently switched from Shaw Gigabit Internet (1 Gb down, 100 Mb up) to BellMTS Fibre 500 (500 Mb down, 500 Mb up).

And then a month or so later I find out that Bell BLOCKS ALL NTP TRAFFIC. So none of the systems in my home have the right time anymore.

Yes, there is a workaround: Manually switch all of your devices and systems to point to ntp.mts.net<http://ntp.mts.net> to get the right time. This sucks. If I had known this, I would not have switched. The rep I talked to said there had been some sort of attack using NTP, so they just block it all now.

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