[RndTbl] Linus and ECC

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Sun Jan 10 03:48:03 CST 2021

On 2021-01-06 Alberto Abrao wrote:
> It looks like Trevor gained root access to Linus!

Hehe, that's a great read, thanks for that.

I'll believe Alberto's take over Gilbert's... :-)

I'm glad Linus put pen to paper (bits to the ether?) on this as it will
make it a lot easier to convince Linux/FLOSS people to aim for ECC on
their boxes.  Most will agree that Linus is a Really Smart Guy(TM) and
is generally pretty honest/open.  He promotes ECC.  That will be good
enough for many people!

I agree 100% with everything Linus says, especially about the history,
and Intel's dumb (intentional) moves.  I've said it all for years.
<feeling vindicated>

I'm also glad to see Linus continues his completely non-PC rant-style
approach to communication.  Wowza!

P.S. A lot of the other names on the thread aren't lightweights either.

Go AMD!  Go ECC!

-- a 20-year-Intel-only guy now running a Ryzen 3900X that cost a third
of a comparable Intel "workstation" with ECC and full x16 slot

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