[RndTbl] PHP8 (not)killing short tags

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Fri Jan 22 20:49:35 CST 2021

I asked about this at a previous meeting... Just thought I'd offer a

Many months ago PHP devs had decided to deprecate then remove support for
short tags <? like this ?>, forcing everyone to use the long <?php ?>.  It
was listed in a few "what's new in PHP 8" articles on the net.

Looks like PHP devs had a change of heart after saner minds provided saner

The confusion comes from there being 2 RFCs on the matter:


The "big guys" in php provided counterarguments:

The first RFC vote passed, the 2nd one failed.  I see no third one, and
can't find any further mention on the matter, so I'm assuming it's now a
dead issue and we'll have <? ?> tags forever more.

To make things more confusing, I'm pretty sure 7.4 did sneak in
deprecation according to v1 of the RFC, requiring disabling deprecation
notices or changing all short tags.  But this change was subsequently
backed out.  (Can anyone clarify?)

Of course, I won't know for sure how this works in PHP8 until I upgrade to
Fedora 33 and its PHP8...

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