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Alberto Abrao alberto at abrao.net
Wed Jan 27 19:01:40 CST 2021

On 2021-01-27 8:37 a.m., Kevin McGregor wrote:
> I'd be happy enough with a used card, but they're in short supply as 
> well. Probably most used cards are going for the same price as new ones!

Right now it is not a good time to bother with used parts, in my 
opinion. The pandemic screwed it all up :(

Prices are wonky because availability is hit-or-miss.

> Does anyone have a lead on a used NVidia 1660-level card? They're 
> roughly $300 new -- if you can find one.

Memoryexpress does seem to have them in stock, here in Winnipeg. Not 
many though, so act fast if that's what you want.

> I'd prefer to have a new computer with a AMD 5900X, 32 GB ECC RAM, M.2 
> 1 TB SSD and an NVidia 3060-level video card... but supplies are tight 
> on video cards and CPUs especially so I thought I'd just get a 
> 'decent' video card to stretch my current system's life out a little 
> longer.

Also not a good time to upgrade anything, so I can relate to that.

> My use case doesn't involve more than 2 monitors, but it does include 
> video editing/transcoding and 3D drawing & rendering so I'd like to 
> have something fairly snappy. One card should do. I think most 
> 1660-level cards have an 8-pin power connector; ~125 W is a typical 
> total power draw for the card.

As long as your PSU is up to it, you'll be fine.

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