[RndTbl] NASDAQ has bit-limit bug

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Fri May 7 12:32:54 CDT 2021

Kind of funny.  Computer nerds will instantly spot the (bit) reason for
the limitation in $$ amount.


What's interesting is they are still allowing 4 "cents" digits.  I guess
it's a holdover from the fraction days where stocks were "10 1/8".  I'm
pretty sure no broker lets you trade in anything less than a cent these

I wonder if their fix is to switch to 2 digit cents, or move to 64-bit
systems and storage.  My guess is the former would be infinitely easier,
though you may lose some historical precision if you make the change

If they go 2-digit cents, Buffett can grow to $42M a share... which should
take a decade at least (depending on inflation levels).  :-)

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