[RndTbl] LibreNMS installation not working as it should

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Tue May 11 20:40:53 CDT 2021

If you suspect php problems, can you seek out and post any errors php
is giving you?

php-fpm does logging a bit differently and you should have a
/var/log/php-fpm dir.  When you problem hits, check for recently
updated files in that dir, and tail, and post.  If you're lucky, it'll
had something there.

If you don't see something there, you can try turning up the logging in

php 7.4 does fatal a couple of previously-deprecateds.  If l-NMS isn't
updated for those yet (i.e. expects 7.3), they will blow up scripts.
And if you want it to work, you'll have to tweak those bits of code

php isn't quite Python insanity for new versions, but it isn't as easy
as (almost never break-backwards) perl.

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