[RndTbl] MUUG mirror site problems

Dan & Michele ve4drk at mts.net
Sun Feb 29 20:39:00 CST 2004

Following Gilles message, I was interested in downloading the current 
fedora iso images from muug's ftp site for a friend (but I like debian 
myself ;-) today when I noticed that my download speed is a staggering 
5KBps (yes, that is bytes per second.. wow) ... I'm on mts dsl and I'm 
not sure if this is indicative of any caps that might be applied at the 
time, or some other issue, but that does seem rather low low transfer 
rates .... is anyone else having difficulties in this area?  btw: my ip 
is in the 142.161.179.   address range for mts dsl. 
I traced the route from my machine to the muug site and it goes to 
toronto, then to calgary, then to wpg to get into shaw's bigpipe systems 
... only 130ms RTT .. not too shabby for crossin' the country to get to 
a local inter-city site :-( .. when will these guys play nice together ...



Gilles Detillieux wrote:

>Some of you may have noticed that we've been having some problems with
>the MUUG mirror site being a bit out of date lately.  Red Hat updates
>had stopped coming in as of about mid-week last week.  It turns out that
>the disk that held the redhat mirror was full.  I cleared up a gigabyte
>yesterday by removing the Red Hat 9 documentation *.iso images, and that
>seems to have gotten things moving again.  So, if you've been relying
>on this mirror for your updates, now would be a good time to grab them.
>The problem now is the disk with the debian and sunsite mirrors is full.
>It had a free gigabyte yesterday, so it's a recent problem.  I'm not
>sure where would be the best place to prune on that disk, so I'll leave
>it for Gilbert to handle when he gets back on Monday.

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