[RndTbl] Virtual daomains & majordomo

John Lange john.lange at open-it.ca
Wed Nov 17 00:57:52 CST 2004

If you are starting over from ground zero then I highly recommend you
consider Mailman.


Aside from working fine with virtual domains and being much easier to
configure in general, it also has a complete web interface for both
admins and users which is substantially easier for the average user to
handle than the strictly email interface that majordomo offers for
sending commands like subscribe etc.

The web interface is clunky though so I still find the average user is
utterly confused. I recommend stripping out _all_ options and just
leaving them with an email field and a "subscribe" button.

John Lange
OpenIT ltd.
(204) 885 0872

On Mon, 2004-11-15 at 20:44, Raymond J. Henry wrote:
> Can anyone point me towards documentation for running majordomo on
> multiple domains that's written for real idiots? I've blundered through
> all the documentation I've found, and was unable to make it work. I've
> always given up in the past, but now I think I'd really like to get it
> going... 
> My RedHat 7.1 box has a handful of domains and virtual domains that I'd
> like the option of getting majordomo to work on for each domain/virtual
> domain that reflect the correct domain name.
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