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The flags at the header will have "aa" to indicate the answer was
authoritative.  You know it had to do a lookup through the TTL of the
record, if the record's TTL is lower than the zone's, you know it was

If it's answered recursively, ask again with +norecursive.  However the
referral can be cached from your earlier query, so maybe start off with


On 3/7/07, John Lange <john.lange at open-it.ca> wrote:
> Does anyone know if there is a way to tell if dig had to perform a
> recursive query to return an answer?
> This seems like it would be an obvious thing to indicate in a result but
> it doesn't seem to show up anyplace.
> So for example, in the query:
> # dig @localhost www.somedomain.com
> I'd like to know:
> - did localhost consider itself the authorative answer?
> - if not, did it return the result from local cache?
> - or, did it recursively discover the result from out on the net?
> - If it recursively discovered the answer, which server did it query to
> get the answer?
> In my testing, I performed some queries where I knew before hand the
> answers to the above questions and then compared the results from dig
> and I could find no definitive way to tell the difference in the
> results.
> Any dig masters want to give me some tips?
> John
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