[RndTbl] potential HTML/Flash job

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Thu May 31 15:23:51 CDT 2007

If anyone knows any budding independent web artists, I may need some
contract work done very soon for a client of mine.  $500-$2000 or so,
depending on final requirements and results.

The job is a site redesign (mostly just the template / nav), perhaps
revamping some of the content pages for a more polished look and
integrating (maybe even taking) new pictures.  It should be pretty easy
/ cookie-cutter.  May have to submit a couple of mockups first.

Also required is one or two Flash presentations integrating pictures and
text to highlight new products.

Artist must be capable of clean HTML / CSS *hand-coding* (or use a tool
that produces neat human-readable HTML without inline CSS).  Knowledge
of PHP/Linux is a bonus.  Site must look good on both IE and Firefox.

The look required is clean / professional in both the HTML and Flash.

If you know anyone who does small contract work like this, forward this
on.  Please reply by email.  There may be future opportunities as well
if I like what I see.

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