[RndTbl] ssh's dying

Michael Sierks msierks at gwn.ca
Mon Dec 10 21:19:26 CST 2012

I haven't experienced this issue and I have been running on 3.X kernels for probably a year or over. Whenever they were first released though I am not running Fedora.

Trevor Cordes <trevor at tecnopolis.ca> wrote:

>On another 3.x bug note, after upgrading most of my systems to 3.x kernels 
>(and distros), I've noticed that the rate of dropping ssh connections has 
>gone through the roof.  Actually, they aren't dropping, they are freezing!  
>Keypresses aren't being echoed and the only thing I can do is escape with 
>~. to manually kill ssh.
>With normally 20 always-open ssh sessions to 20 different comps, I'm 
>probably losing 1-3 a night.  Normally (pre 3.x, pre-Fedora 16) I'd lose 
>maybe 1-3 a week, and they'd die, not freeze.
>The ssh is:
>Anyone else seen this with a 3.x kernel?  Any workarounds, perhaps with 
>keep-alives I should check?  My iptables are all setup to strictly try to 
>keep ssh's alive at all costs.
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