[RndTbl] ssh's dying

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Mon Dec 10 20:26:44 CST 2012

On another 3.x bug note, after upgrading most of my systems to 3.x kernels 
(and distros), I've noticed that the rate of dropping ssh connections has 
gone through the roof.  Actually, they aren't dropping, they are freezing!  
Keypresses aren't being echoed and the only thing I can do is escape with 
~. to manually kill ssh.

With normally 20 always-open ssh sessions to 20 different comps, I'm 
probably losing 1-3 a night.  Normally (pre 3.x, pre-Fedora 16) I'd lose 
maybe 1-3 a week, and they'd die, not freeze.

The ssh is:

Anyone else seen this with a 3.x kernel?  Any workarounds, perhaps with 
keep-alives I should check?  My iptables are all setup to strictly try to 
keep ssh's alive at all costs.

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