[RndTbl] LTSP demo

Mike Pfaiffer high.res.mike at gmail.com
Wed Oct 10 16:16:26 CDT 2012

	I mentioned this at last nights meeting. This is just a follow-up. Not 
necessarily a MUUG thing but a Linux thing none the less.

	At next months MWCS meeting on November 6'th (one week before the MUUG 
meeting) I will be giving a demo of a working LTSP system. I will spend 
10 minutes describing the process I used to get it working and the rest 
of the evening will be an exploration of the system. If there is an 
expert reading this post who would like to contribute, feel free to drop 
by and take over after I do my bit.

	The address for the meeting will be 3390 Portage Avenue on the South 
side (between Westwood and Caviller - I think that's the general area). 
Land marks are the Safeway and McCardboard on the North side of Portage 
as well as the Princess Auto and Giant Tiger a block or so to the East 
on the South side. The time is 7:00 - 9:00 sharp. Parking is in the rear 
of the church. Enter through the back door and head down stairs.

	A bit about what to expect from the MWCS. The group is a generic 
computer club. We don't care what sort of computer people run. The 
ability level of the club is somewhat less than that of the MUUG. It is 
also substantially smaller than the MUUG with resources to match. We 
don't even have an internet connection available to us. The MWCS web 
page can be found at http://mwcs.mb.ca.

	For follow-up... Questions about the LTSP can (and logically should) be 
handled through the mailing list. Questions about the MWCS will be 
handled privately through e-mail.


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