[RndTbl] Firewall/Router hall of fame?

John Lange john at johnlange.ca
Mon Jan 6 11:53:57 CST 2014

Should the Linksys WRT router/firewall go into the hall of fame?

Undeniably, a lot of stuff Linksys made was crap but the WRT was not one of
them. Even with it's default firmware it was a great firewall for home and
small businesses. From the start it handled state tracking, NAT and packet
reassembly properly making it one of the only devices around that would
handle things like VOIP (credit most likely goes to it's Linux roots).

Even today many so-called high-end firewalls (e.g. Sonicwall) still can not
handle a fragmented UDP packets breaking SIP over UDP.

According to this Wired article, the WRT is now back in a Gigabit version
and Linksys is now publicly embracing the alternative firmwares that helped
make it so popular.


I still run a WRT with the "Tomato" firmware at home and I think this
device will always have a place in my personal "hall of fame".

Long live the WRT!


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