[RndTbl] data recovery

Robert Dyck rbdyck2 at shaw.ca
Mon Sep 8 23:52:31 CDT 2014

--- Trevor Cordes wrote:
> In theory an Intel Mac should be able to boot normal x86 boot 
> CDs for disk diags.  Unless the Mac BIOS does something 
> stupid to make that impossible (wouldn't surprise me).  
> You'll have to ask/google Mac people.

I've never been able to get it to work. When I insert Memtest86+ v4.10,
it does work. However, keyboard does not respond. Since this program
starts right into its diagnostic, that isn't a problem. But the eject
button on they keyboard does eject the CD.

For hard drive diagnostics, I use Hiren. But that has never worked on an
Intel Mac. Hiren has multiple tools, and I tried Hiren version 9.9,
13.1, and 15.2; each time the iMac just ejects the disk. I also burnt a
CD of SeaTools for DOS v2.23, and a disk for SeaTools for DOS v1.10PH,
and one for Hitachi Drive Fitness Test, but the iMac ejects those too.

> My fave utility for 
> this is UBCD which has all the mfr's diags on one disc that 
> manages to boot on more systems than the originals!

I have a copy of UBCD v4.1.1 and tried it on my iMac as I type this.
(24-inch mid 2007) It was able to start, and did respond to the
keyboard. Until I started SeaTools for DOS v1.09. It showed the legal
disclaimer, but when I tried to type "Y" to accept, it froze. Salvation
HDD Scan & Repair V3.0 froze on "Loading". Western Digital Data
Lifeguard Diagnostic V4.15, V5.04f, and V11.2 all froze on "Loading".

> > Can you do this
> > through USB?
> No.  Diags don't run through USB.

Perhaps this is part of the problem. Intel iMacs do not have PS/2. I
checked Wikipedia, every model of iMac back to the first G3 in 1999 has
been USB only. Power Mac built in year 2000 was the last to use
mini-DIN-8 for keyboard. They never used PS/2 (mini-DIN-6).

Rob Dyck

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