[RndTbl] Shaw email - new woes

Bradford C. Vokey brad at fsi.ca
Sat Apr 25 19:26:22 CDT 2015

I have many emails sent to me (as a reply) with *** SPAM *** in the 
subject line (because the emails we send out sometimes get triggered as 
SPAM by some school divisions and they are just replying).

I have then replied (sometimes forgetting to removing the "*** SPAM ***" 
in the subject line) and it hasn't been a problem so far.

The last email we sent with SPAM in the subject line was 2015-01-09.

1) We do have a static IP so that might be different?
2) We also have a Shaw business account (as opposed to home/personal)?
3) Maybe this is just new as of this week/month?
4) Maybe your client was legitimately sending SPAM and Shaw just blocked 
them until it stopped?

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On 2015-04-25 12:00 PM, roundtable-request at muug.mb.ca wrote:
> Even funnier, what triggered it seems to be this: I'm trying to help 
> my customer with Spam problems and the RT ticket he made (and hence 
> email subject) had the word "Spam" and Shaw barfed it back and started 
> the blocking without warning:

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