[RndTbl] transistor wall-clock

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Sat Oct 17 17:52:39 CDT 2015

On 2015-10-17 Adam Thompson wrote:
> Neat... And no @#$%! way am I going to spend that much time soldering
> together a clock, even if it was only $5.  A
> not-overly-accurate-clock, at that!

Think of it as a model plane or car we all (I'm sure) built as
children.  I would spend weeks on those.

(Not sure what's more toxic, breathing in plastic cement glue fumes or
solder fumes...)

> However, as noted in the details, there's a 120VAC-to-9VAC wall

Ah, I didn't read that far.  Good to see he's not leaving 120V
exposed.  I had guessed that since he was using AC as a timer that he
wouldn't be able to use a wart as the conversion to DC would lose the
effect: but I see he's cheating by going AC->AC, and then DC'ing the 9V
on the PCB.  Well, ok, I'm assuming the logic he's built up is based on
DC!  (Maybe I shouldn't assume anything else about his project...)

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