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Adam Thompson athompso at athompso.net
Fri Apr 15 21:22:59 CDT 2016

Actually, no, that won't work anyway.  All of the services (except 
Akamai, and I will admit that both MTS and Shaw have their own Akamai 
caches anyway) use anycast IP addresses, so you literally "can't get 
there from here" unless you (or your ISP) peers at MBIX. If you use 
those IPs, you'll be magically directed at the "closest" node that your 
ISP has access to - usually in Calgary, Toronto, or Chicago.

As I said, MBIX is not intended for individual consumers; it's intended 
for the ISPs that serve individual consumers, and medium-to-large 
businesses that see value in having faster access to the various DNS 
services, NTP services, etc., and/or the other members' networks.

For a slightly artificial example, a Credit Union might consider joining 
MBIX in order to be able to say that your secure banking transactions 
never leave the province, never mind the country.  I'm quite confident 
that neither the NSA nor CSE have installed a tap at MBIX - that would 
be difficult to hide from us.  (Of course, since neither MTS nor Shaw 
peer at MBIX yet, it's still statistically very likely that the NSA is 
listening to your secure banking transactions no matter who you use.  Of 
course, we all know HTTP/S is completely secure.  And they only collect 
metadata anyway, right?  *cough*)
Mind you, at the same time, that hypothetical CU now has access to a 
high-accuracy, high-availability NTP cluster without having to acquire 
their own stratum-1 time source, and they could host their DNS on CIRA's 
D-ROOT system for guaranteed global availability, and... and... and...

One other thing to note about MBIX: it's what's called a "Default-Free 
Zone".  MBIX is *not* an ISP.  MBIX will not route your traffic to the 
internet at large.  MBIX can only get your traffic from one MBIX member 
to another.  Of course, many MBIX members are ISPs, so it's easy to make 
transit agreements with any number of them.


On 2016-04-15 20:46, Hartmut W Sager wrote:
> I suppose, with MBIX's permission (perhaps for a special "individual 
> use only" fee), you could simply use MBIX's NS IP addresses in your NS 
> settings.  You would get some of the benefits, like avoiding the DNS 
> query leaving Winnipeg if it's locally resolvable by MBIX.
> But really, what business does the average joe have in using MBIX 
> services for free, when MBIX is a clearly-stated "members only" 
> service (at $1200 per year), not a public freebie. Sounds like a 
> typical stingy Winnipegers' attitude.
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> On 15 April 2016 at 16:10, Trevor Cordes <trevor at tecnopolis.ca 
> <mailto:trevor at tecnopolis.ca>> wrote:
>     On 2016-04-15 Adam Thompson wrote:
>     > For the average end user using their ISPs nameserver, it's... well,
>     > out-of-scope.  But MBIX isn't for individuals, it's for ISPs and
>     Is there a way to leverage this (MBIX NS) for the average joe (me) who
>     runs their own resolving/caching BIND on Shaw?
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